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Gear up your curiosity for the ASML Excursion Day

Get your tech-spectations blown away!
Ever wondered what happens at ASML’s headquarters and curious to explore the company and its tech up close?
Get an insider’s look on how ASML makes a big impact with tiny patterns! 

At the ASML Excursion Day, you will: 

  • Get the fundamentals with a presentation that covers everything you need to know about the company and its cutting-edge technology 
  • Explore our amazing campus, designed to inspire and push the boundaries of technology
  • Meet and chat with engineers who share the same field of study as you, so ask any burning questions you might have about working at ASML and learn about their experiences
  • Play the interactive ASML Experience Game and compete for fun prizes 
  • Build your network at our dinner buffet

Want to experience a day full of cutting-edge tech and engineering fun? 

The deadline for registration is May 31. 
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